Let us do all of the content management, admin and promo creation work your brand needs to get noticed in the busy social space, letting you focus on the big jobs. Social media can be a powerful tool when harnessed correctly. Whether it's a brand exercise or if you require more tangible results, we help you tie in all of your digital activation so they work in unison and ultimately get your fans and followers into channels of your own control.


A solid marketing strategy is what will bring your business objectives to life. But where to start? We can formulate marketing strategies utilising the traditional or new-fangled digital channels, without losing sight of what's important. Sales and return on your marketing investment.


The best copy sums up exactly what you're trying to say, succinctly and in a way that everyone can understand. Here's an example: We're good at copywriting. You should hire us.


So you need a smart-looking website you can be proud of, an EDM that gets results, or mobile app that generates leads for your sales force? We can build these for you quick smart. Off The Fence Marketing have a host of cost-effective digital solutions that cater for all budgets or types of business, either integrating with your existing brand communications or creating that for you from scratch.


Does your brand want to turn up and stand in the corner, or does it want to rock the party? We can create innovative ways to communicate your message to mass audiences in highly engaging ways. What's more we can incorporate digital data capture to provide measurable results from your event activation. Even valuable sales lead generation. We can take care of everything from coordination to assisting your team to activate successfully.